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So when they told me about Lender, and they asked me to attend a presentation of this financial tool, I hesitated a bit, but after entering and reviewing in detail what it was, I accepted that invitation, and the response From its creators and the explanations of its operation and what they would be implementing in a second stage I understood that, if there are people who are thinking about the structural development of this country, and who seek to provide users with tools that help improve their lifestyle, to make better decisions and to have greater empowerment of its economy.

“Lender, a financial tool to improve your decisions”

"Lender, a financial tool to improve your decisions"

Lender Finance is a tool that will initially function as a credit card comparator, but not a biased one, but a true comparator, where with only a few actions within this site, you can determine which is the best card, which is right for you for different actions, that is, if you are a person who travels frequently, evidently that it suits you for these purposes, a credit card focused for that activity, but that really gives you a better experience, that helps you to make your expenses more efficient and that I provided you with concatenated services with such activity, so that at the end of each day or each use, you may feel that you have the power and that you are using said card, not because they offered it to you, but because within a group of same, with the same approach,You chose the one that best suits your conditions.

Provide better opportunities

Provide better opportunities

Similarly, if you do certain activities, you will find that for each or in a group, there are credit cards, then, within that group, you can choose the one that suits you best, the one that pays the least, the one that you provide better opportunities and each one within Lender, will have a kind of valuation, always adjusted to parameters that are well defined, is a kind of protector of your personal finances.

Opportunity for consumers to that when choosing a financial product or service

Opportunity for consumers to that when choosing a financial product or service

With this idea, the friends Lender, as they mentioned during the presentation, do not seek to reinvent the wheel, because there are many services in other countries, and what they are trying to provide is the opportunity for consumers to that when choosing a financial product or service, they obtain the best for their interests, always based on objective and transparent parameters, that serve as a guide for a decision or decisions that will help to have a better performance and financial development.

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