The best tips to buy in Ikea with your money loan

Founded in Sweden in 1943, Ikea is the best known furniture and decoration company in the world . Its founder, Ingvar Kamprad began selling everyday objects to his neighbors while riding a bike and ended up creating the empire we all know today. Let’s talk about shopping in Ikea.

As many of you will already know, shopping at Ikea can be a fun experience or, if you find it crowded with people at rush hour, an ordeal. To prevent the latter from happening, pay attention. In this article we will give you the best tips to buy in this store .

Choose a good time to go

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On Saturday afternoon Ikea is not a furniture store, but a pilgrimage. Think that there are many people whose hobby is to go shopping and take advantage of the weekend to do so. If you go on the same schedule as them, you already know what you are going to find.

If you want to buy without stress you must choose a good time to go. The ideal is a weekday, if your work schedule allows it, and if possible in the morning. This way you will avoid agglomerations, disorder, queues, noise and, ultimately, chaos. Merchandising in Ikea is a work of art, so it is very easy to get lost inside looking at it and touching it all. To avoid this, be clear about what you are going to. Let’s see kitchens? Sofas? Decor? Focus on those products first and, if you have plenty of time, that most likely not, go for a walk through the rest of the store.

In addition, if you are clear about what you are going to buy in Ikea you can better control your spending. Otherwise you run the risk of going for a pot and ending with 300 euros less in the portfolio.

Look at the catalog before going

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The previous tip will be much easier if before going to Ikea you consult their website and take a look at their online catalog. Everything in the store is in that catalog, by collections, with its price and with its measurements. From the sofa at home you can check without stress the items that interest you most. Keep track of the measurements when shopping at Ikea. You have to be very clear how much the width and length of the trunk of your car measures and what you can put in it. Take action by tilting the seats back and forth and don’t forget to comply with the safety measures. It is very unpleasant to find you in the parking lot with a huge package next to the car and without the possibility of putting it inside. Surely you know what we are talking about. Leave your children in the playroom. If you want to expedite the purchase, leave your young children in Smaland, the Ikea surveillance playground. It is like a giant nursery with toys, activities, ball pool, drawing area, slides … And above it is free. They will have a blast and you will buy more relaxed.

Visit the opportunity area

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Two things can happen: that there is nothing of value to you, in which case you will only have lost ten minutes of your time, or that you find yourself authentic chollazos . For example, a sofa at half price just because it has an invaluable damage to the human eye. Other express advice. Use the maps and shortcuts to move more easily through the store. Do not write down the information on the labels, take pictures and you will waste less time. If you are clear about what you want, buy online and you just have to pick up your order. Use the home service if the package is too large. Use the Ikea Family card when you are at the ATM.

And nothing more! These tips will help you enjoy the best shopping experience in Ikea.

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